Michael Gonzalez is an experienced certified personal trainer and sports performance coach in San Diego, California.  With 9 years of experience he has worked with a wide range of clientele.

Born and raised in Bronx, New York, he grew up playing sports his whole life and always had a competitive nature. Due to many years of stress on the body he developed severe osteoarthritis in the right hip which led to a hip replacement. Through the rehab and recovery process Michael has gained a new insight on the training mentality. With ambition, focus and a positive belief the mind and body can take you anywhere you want it. Perfect example, at his first physical therapy session he was told that he would not be able to train in boxing again. By the end of the session the physical therapist apologized and said Michael could do whatever he wanted to.

Also, as a father, it is important for him to share the importance of health and fitness with his daughter. By leading a good example she will see her mother and Michael put in the hard work so she can avoid being a part of the 18.5% epidemic of childhood obesity in America – according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

From weight loss clients to strength & conditioning, boxing, and rehabilitation – Michael believes in training for the longevity of life and not for a particular time of the year or event. Within the training parameters we eventually get to the seasons we want to be in shape for, but imagine if you didn’t have to train due to an event or time of year. You’re in shape for ALL seasons. Fitness should be a way of life and not just temporary.


60-minute one-on-one coaching session conducted at Self Made Training Facility in Mission Bay, or at your home gym if located in the Downtown San Diego area.


60-minute circuit style training that combines strength, endurance training, and total body conditioning.


60-minute session that entails a variety of body weight training, weight training and functional movement patterns at a demanding intensity which challenges cardiovascular, strength, power, agility and coordination.


60-minute instructional session which entails focus on the breakdown of boxing mechanics – including punching, footwork, hand and eye coordination, speed, power,heavy bag drills, focused mitt work and conditioning.



  • When I started training with Mike I was pretty desperate. I was a 32 year old father of two with a “dad-bod”. No matter how much I worked out on my own I never seemed to see any results especially when I looked in the mirror. After I started training with Mike the weight started to fall off almost immediately and my body began to change back to something I could be proud of. I had no prior boxing experience before and have loved learning a new skill while challenging myself at the same time physically and mentally. Thanks to Dope Ass Coach my limits are endless.

    JD Larson
    JD Larson
  • "I’ve been a Dope Ass Coach convert for over 3 years now. It’s always been important to me to find the best of the best trainer plus I also need someone I respect and truly enjoy being around- a dope ass coach. My fitness needs have evolved over the years, and Mike has adapted my program to reach all my ever-changing goals. I first began training with Mike to get beach body ready for a photo shoot in Greece... and he delivered! After some life events and heavy emotional eating leading to a 30 lb weight gain, he pivoted my program toward weight loss with manageable milestones and helped me get back on the saddle. Now we are rehabbing a serious ankle injury while still maintaining total body fitness. Mike is a pro at adjusting exercises according to my body‘s needs on any given day. No matter what goals, injuries, or fitness needs I have, Mike will forever be my go-to coach and a solid friend. "

    Rachel Friedman
    Rachel Friedman